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I have created a small interface IXnaDraw for my assets to determine how to draw themselves in XNA. The interface consists of a single method

interface IXnaDraw
    void Draw(SpriteBatch SB);

I wanted to pass a Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Color-object along as I have a change of context and this needs a different color-scheme to be applied to the assets.

I tried to use a nullable Color-object like in

void Draw(SpriteBatch SB, Color? Col = null);

The default-parameter is not accepted, I get the error that my classes do not implement said interface. I also tried to use things like

void Draw(SpriteBatch SB, Color Col = Color.White);

this invokes an error stating

The value must be known at compile-time.

How can I fix the implementation and have my default-parameter? Thank you

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I assume the 4.0 or higher .NET

void Draw(SpriteBatch SB, Color Col = default(Color));


void Draw(SpriteBatch SB, [Optional]Color Col);
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This is exactly what I needed! Though it took a minute to figure Optional to be System.Runtime.Interop.OptionalAttribute it is exactly what I need! – bash.d Aug 16 '13 at 6:45

If you want to accept a second parameter, you need to create a second overload of the method that takes two parameters.
Interface implementations must match exactly; the CLR does not recognize optional parameters.

You can make the single-parameter version call the other overload, if you want to.

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