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I am trying to plot a (filled) contour map with aspect ratio = 1, but I fail to get the right shape of the plot window/ am left with areas in the plot window that are white because the plot window (or the box) always remains a square. Please see the example below

x <- 10*1:nrow(volcano)
y <- 10*1:ncol(volcano)
filled.contour (x, y, volcano, asp = 1)

results in a plot that looks like this:filled.contour

how do I get rid of the white areas in the plot box/window while preserving the aspect ratio? I assume I need to set the size of the plot window somewhere, but can't find out how; it seems that graphical parameter settings (using par) are overwritten by filled.contour (or by setting asp = 1)

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With image instead of filled.contour, you can remove the box with axes=FALSE and add it yourself, not with box(), but with rect( min(x), min(y), max(x), max(y) ). Since filled.contour uses layout and par, it makes it trickier to recover the correct coordinates. – Vincent Zoonekynd Aug 15 '13 at 15:55
you could set frame.plot to false and shift the axes. check this out – user2510479 Aug 15 '13 at 16:26
Thanks to both. But is there not a more elegant way? Using solution 1 means losing your legend and rect() does not replace the axes (ticks, labels, etc). With solution 2 you lose the legend text and the legend is still in the original size (height) and higher than the actual plot. – Lukas Aug 15 '13 at 17:09

Try this

  x <- 10*1:nrow(volcano)
  y <- 10*1:ncol(volcano)
  filled.contour(x, y, volcano,asp=1, frame.plot=F,
  plot.axes = { axis(1, pretty(x,min=0), line=-4)
                axis(2, seq(0, 600, by = 100)) })
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