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How can I display coefficients of audio signal when plotting an audio file in Matlab?

I am fairly new to Matlab so this could be a stupid question. I have searched for similar things but haven't come across anything similar.

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What exactly do you mean by "coefficients of audio signal"? And how do you plot "an audio file"? You must have imported it somehow into a Matlab signal: how do you do it? –  Luis Mendo Aug 15 '13 at 15:19

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First of all you need to read the sound. Considering that you have it stored in wav format, you can use for example [X, fs] = wavread('sound_name.wav');. fs would be your sample rate and X would be matrix of samples [number of samples]x[number of channels]. By default it will read sound in doubles, but it can be changed. See help wavread for details. Then you can display raw waveform by simply ploting it: plot(X);. Or if you need spectrum of the sound, you can window signal and then apply FFT. In this case voicebox toolbox would be useful: F = enframe(X, hamming(win_len), fix(win_len/2)); sp = rfft(F.'); imagesc(10*log(abs(sp))); There are also lots of handy functions in Matlab signal processing toolbox.

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