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I have the following:

  1. A main List called GlobalStrings
  2. Another List called localStrings

In a loop for example

GlobalStrings = new List<string>(); 
    localStrings = new List<string>;
    localStrings.Add("some value"); 
    localStrings.Add("some value");

   // Want to append localStrings to GlobalStrings as easily as possible

Thanks in advance

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stack over flow always rocks...nice question... –  Sangram Dec 28 '10 at 8:00

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Note: You cannot declare the list object using the interface (IList).

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+1 Worked Perfectly –  shmeeps Oct 30 '11 at 0:24
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I think that works.

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Upvoted as well –  shmeeps Oct 30 '11 at 0:24
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Try AddRange-method:

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With Linq

var newList = GlobalStrings.Append(localStrings)
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Here is my example:

    private List<int> m_machinePorts = new List<int>();

    public List<int> machinePorts
        get { return m_machinePorts; }

        // Custom function to get available ethernet ports
        List<int> localEnetPorts = _Globals.GetAvailableEthernetPorts();

        // Custome function to get available serial ports
        List<int> localPorts = _Globals.GetAvailableSerialPorts();

        // Build Available port list 
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if you want to get "terse" :)

List<string>GlobalStrings = new List<string>(); 

for(int x=1; x<10; x++) GlobalStrings.AddRange(new List<string> { "some value", "another value"});
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