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I have a vtk file which contains density values for each cell. By default, paraview displays all the density range. However, I would like to view density data only within a particular range and its corresponding cells only.

Is it possible to view only the cells, which fall in the particular range?

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I have found the way:

  1. view-> selection inspector In the selection inspector,
  2. current object: (select the grid you want to visualize)
  3. selection Type: Threshold
  4. Field Type: CELL
  5. scalars: (select the cell scalar to visualize, in my case: density)
  6. Add Thresholds -> Lower: (set your value) Upper: (set your value)
  7. Display style->Cell Label tab Visible; Label Mode: (select the cell scalar to visualize, in my case: density)

Now you are done!

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You can also directly apply the "Threshold" filter to remove cells from the dataset that are beyond your selected range and just visualize the remaining ones.

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