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I need to validate, on the client, whether one of the radio buttons in a <t:radioGroup> has been selected on form submission.

Using the standard t:validate="required" attribute like so does not work

<t:radiogroup t:id="options" value="data.options" t:validate="required" >
    <t:label for="option1"/><t:radio t:id="option1" t:value="option1"/>
    <t:label for="option2"/><t:radio t:id="option2" t:value="option2"/>

N.B. it is possible to do this server-side using the standard validate="required" attribute - but again I need this client-side.

It seems odd that the standard server-side required validation works but the standard client-side required validation doesn't work for the <t:radiogroup> component.

How else can I achieve this on the client-side?

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+1, I thought this is how it should work !! – Muhammad Gelbana Aug 15 '13 at 21:43
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Currently, this is something you have to implement yourself. If there is not already an issue about this, you should feel free to add one to Tapestry's JIRA.

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issue created: TAP5-2156 – davnicwil Aug 15 '13 at 22:45

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