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I want to create a xml file dynamically for my Iphone application. I tried it by using NSXMLDocument but NSXMLDocument is not declared in iphone application.

Please help me in doing so.



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Try the open source XML stream writer for iOS:

  • Written in Objective-C, a single .h. and .m file
  • One @protocol for namespaces support and one for without


// allocate serializer
XMLWriter* xmlWriter = [[XMLWriter alloc]init];

// start writing XML elements
[xmlWriter writeStartElement:@"Root"];
[xmlWriter writeCharacters:@"Text content for root element"];
[xmlWriter writeEndElement];

// get the resulting XML string
NSString* xml = [xmlWriter toString];

This produces the following XML string:

<Root>Text content for root element</Root>
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You can use KissXML to generate XML files on the iPhone.

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The URL is broken. – Parag S. Chandakkar Jun 17 '14 at 1:41

You can also use libxml2 to generate XML data on the iPhone.

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