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I need to reflect a dynamically generated box, containing an image, besides some text on a colored background. All with a gradual fade, and beauty abound.

I've found jQuery plugins for reflecting images the way I'd like to, but no way to give generic elements the same treatment.

First thought is to generate the boxes as needed, take a snapshot of that area,
and then do the necessary flip'ing server-side; thus producing a unique background image for every box.

Since I've only scraped the depths of System.Drawing (which I presume contains the necessary tools),
and don't think I'll need it for anything else in the near future,
I feel it would be overkill if it's possible to let the client handle it?

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When you talk about generating 'boxes' on the server side, are you referring to controls (Table, Panel, etc.) or actual image boxes using System.Drawing? – KP. Dec 11 '09 at 15:28
Basically divs consisting of a photo on left half, text regarding photo on right side... – Morten Bergfall Dec 11 '09 at 21:16

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