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I'm using a dark background for ipython. I would like to have sympy expressions pretty-printed with LaTeX. Problem is the current LaTeX font is black. How can I change LaTeX font colors in the ipython terminal?

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You can set the forecolor and backcolor options in init_printing. For example, to print the equations in blue, use

In [1]: init_printing(forecolor="Blue")
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This doesn't work in Spyder, apparently because it doesn't work when rendering using matplotlib, which it apparently falls back to when latex is not installed github.com/sympy/sympy/issues/7786 –  endolith Jan 2 at 14:24
After installing miktex.org, I try to do this and it automatically installs some packages, including xcolor, and now it prints in the color I want. –  endolith Jan 2 at 15:28

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