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Please help me :

First_name | first_name | middle_name
           |            |
rrrr eeee  |   rrrr     | eeee
           |            |    
rrr eeeeeee|   rrr      | eeeeeee  
           |            |       
rr eeeee   |   rr       | eeeee

I want to split the first_name to first_name and middle_name.


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please spend some time to write your question in a clear and proper manner so that others can help you.. also it would be great if you share with us what you had already tried.. we are here to help you not to do things for you :) –  Jafar Kofahi Aug 15 '13 at 17:53
How are the fields separated? By space? Do you want to do the split in a query output or in the table itself? –  PM 77-1 Aug 15 '13 at 17:56

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If you really just have to find a space character you can speed things up by removing regular expression

    substr(name, 1, instr(name, ' ')-1) first_name,
    substr(name, instr(name, ' ')+1) middle_name

or even

  substr(name, 1, space_pos-1) first_name,
  substr(name, space_pos+1) middle_name
             instr(name, ' ') space_pos
      FROM TEST)
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Maybe this sql code will be useful:

  REGEXP_SUBSTR(name,'^[^ ]*')  first_name,
  REGEXP_SUBSTR(name, '([[:alpha:]]+)$')   middle_name

Note: this works if the name always will be FIRSTNAME "SPACE" MIDDLENAME.

You can run this here sql fiddle.

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Works great. Thank you very much! –  haoyun Aug 15 '13 at 22:37

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