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I am looking for a command line utility to validate SQLite databases. I ran into a situation in some inherited code where an application fails to startup because an attempt to access a database produced the following error:

database disk image is malformed

So I need to instrument some validation code in the application. Additionally, though, I need a tool that I can run from the Linux prompt to tell me simply if the database is corrupt or not.


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Yeah, it's called sqlite3... –  user529758 Aug 15 '13 at 18:18

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You can do something like this:

sqlite3 database.db "PRAGMA integrity_check"
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exactly what I"m looking for. Thanks! –  njozwiak Aug 15 '13 at 18:43

You can use PRAGMA integrity_check on the database.

If the Database is corrupted you can use this SQLite command:

echo '.dump'|sqlite3 $DB_NAME|sqlite3 new_repaired_$DB_NAME
mv $DB_NAME corrupt_$DB_NAME
mv new_repaired_$DB_NAME $DB_NAME
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