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Astyanax 1.56.37 connecting to Cassandra 1.2.6 running on Debian:

When performing a number of inserts in quick succession to a Cassandra cluster containing only one node located at, at seemingly random points, I will see the following in the console:

- AddHost:
- RemoveHost:

Every attempt to connect to this keyspace after I get this fails with the same message.

Here is my configuration:

AstyanaxContext<Keyspace> context = new AstyanaxContext.Builder()
        .forCluster("Titan Cluster")
        .withAstyanaxConfiguration(new AstyanaxConfigurationImpl()
        .withConnectionPoolConfiguration(new ConnectionPoolConfigurationImpl("MyConnectionPool")
        .withConnectionPoolMonitor(new CountingConnectionPoolMonitor())


The connection fails on subsequent attempts at context.start()

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I too faced the same issue where I had my Cassandra and application (Cassandra client) running on different machines.


When I checked my Cassandra ring status, I noticed that the Cassandra was running with the address, instead of

root@$ **bin/nodetool ring**

Address    Rack        Status State   Load               Owns                        Token                                rack1       Up     Normal  169.87 KB       100.00%             -9217929600007243236                 rack1       Up     Normal  169.87 KB       100.00%             -9140762708880451456                 rack1       Up     Normal  169.87 KB       100.00%             -8952943573583903866                 rack1       Up     Normal  169.87 KB       100.00%             -8891950316930533160* 

In conf/cassandra.yaml, I had specified the hostname instead of IP address for listen_address. The cassandra resoved the hostname to localhost ( instead of the actual IP ( After changing the listen_address to the actual IP, the client established connection successfully.


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