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I need some help to understand an issue. I have a form with 4 p:selectOneMenu components inside. Two of them has 10 registers, one is empty and the last one has 1000 registers.

There is a p:commandButton that execute an actionListener and update the entire form. It works fine in Chrome and FF, but in IE10 it takes 20s to rerender the form. If I remove the 1000 registers menu it takes 2 seconds (I think it´s still too longer for only 2 components with 10 registers).

I don´t wanna remove the p:selectOneMenu, so I tested replacing the p:commandButton to h:commandButton + f:ajax and it worked pretty fine. I understand that p:selectOneMenu is more complex than h:selectOneMenu but I can´t understand why the h:commandButton is so faster to update than p:commandButton.

<p:commandButton value="#{bundle.lbl_novo}" icon="ui-icon-document" actionListener="#{itemBean.novoItem}" update=":formItem :modalNovoItem" process="@this" immediate="true"/>
<!-- bellow it´s the test -->
<h:commandButton value="Novo" > 
<f:ajax render=":formItem :modalNovoItem" execute="@this" listener="#{itemBean.novoItem}"></f:ajax>

The p:selectOneMenu

<p:selectOneMenu value="#{itemBean.item.unitPurchase.code}" effect="fade" style="width: 190px;" disabled="#{itemBean.disabled}"> 
<f:selectItems value="#{itemBean.listaUnit}" var="unit" itemLabel="(#{unit.code}) #{unit.description}" itemValue="#{unit.code}"/>  

I´m using tomcat7 + jsf + primefaces 3.5.

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