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I found these instructions

You should not remove plug-ins from Eclipse. Plug-ins should be installed as features using the Update Manager. The same Update Manager can be used to disable plug-ins by disabling the feature they belong to. Run Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details, select the software you no longer want and click Uninstall. (On Macintosh it is Eclipse > About Eclipse > Installation Details.) In older versions, you might need to Run Help > Software Updates > Manage Configuration..., select the feature of interest, and disable it with the task shown in the right window.

But they are not working for me.

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From ADT, go to Help > Install New Software... Then click on the link "What is already installed". You will have the list of your plugins and an uninstall button at the bottom.

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For me, the uninstall buttons are disabled. They are all under an eclipse folder and I only have the option to uninstall Eclipse. –  Zach H Jul 4 '14 at 20:01

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