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What CI server and Configuration Management tools I should use together for a truly development and deploy maintenance.

There isn't the de facto rails sustainable environment, is there?

Some assumptions:

• code control version ok - git (de facto tool)
• test framework ok - whatever (rspec is my choice)
• code coverage and analysis ok - whatever (metric-fu, for example)
• server stack ok - (Passenger for example)
• issue tracker (RedMine)
• etc, ...

I'm want to play if integrity and moonshine projects, for me it's a good for beginning, isn't it?

What do you think about this?



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CI - I personally prefer Hudson, especially with the Angry Hudson plugin. Its user friendly and has decent reporting metrics.

CM - git

Testing Framework - Dependent on size but, I have our teams write unit tests and have Hudson run the unit test package on code checkin.

Issue Tracker - Trac but, I have not used RedMine

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