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I have just started using lighttpd and I am trying to configure it to act as a reverse proxy to an Apache server running on on port 8080. I have multiple wordpress blogs running on the same host

I have just bought a domain name www.mydomain.com and I would like to requests to blog1 to appear like this

www.mydomain.com/article1 even though on my server this translates to

What I am after is an example of lighttpd.conf configuration that will redirect requests from www.mydomain.com that arrive on port 80 to be redirected to

Can anyone help me?

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This answer will probably be helpful. You're going to need to do a rewrite to have the /blog1/article1 instead of just /article1, then you'll need to do the proxy. (mod_proxy docs). I would test getting the proxy working first, then get the rewrite to the correct path. –  Macattack Aug 16 '13 at 0:01

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