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How can I get specific data from a file in ruby? I want to get some 10. ip addresses from a file set up like this...

Whatever:     xathun
etc:          aouoeu
more:         snthuh

I want to push the ip addresses into an array.

I can pull 10. addresses out of text. I was hoping for a more accurate way to do it as in only the data after the 'ip_address:' label in case there is unwanted matching data.

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s_text ="test.txt",'r').read
ip_addresses = s_text.scan(/\d+.\d+.\d+.\d+/)
puts ip_addresses.inspect #=> [""]
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Here's a simple enough solution.

open('<textfile path>') { |f| puts f.grep(/10\./) }
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If the file is setup like that throughout you can do:

arr = []"text").each_line do |line|
  parts = line.split(":")
  arr << parts[1].strip if parts[0] == "ip_address"
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adding to array as you go through once, one line at a time:


Whatever:     xathun
etc:          aouoeu
more:         snthuh

Whatever:     badone
etc:          huh
more:         noooo

Whatever:     blah
etc:          hello
more:         goodbye


found_tens = []'ip_data.txt') {|f|
  f.each {|line|
    line = line.chomp
    next if line.empty?
    found_tens << $1 if line =~ /^ip_address:\s+(10\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)/
p found_tens  #["", ""]
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