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I'm fairly new to unit testing with Laravel and Mockery and I wrote the following test. It passes and seems to work. However, I think that it's probably could be written in a better way. It seems that the test is more likely to break than the implementation. Are there better ways to do this?


public function mock($class)
    $mock = Mockery::mock($class);

    $this->app->instance($class, $mock);

    return $mock;

// It seems like this test might be more likely to break then the method itself.
public function testCatTree() {
    $categoryMock = $this->mock("Category");

        ->andReturn($categoryMock, $categoryMock, null);

    $i = new Item;
    $tree = $i->catTree;
    Should::equal("parent2 > parent1 > self", $tree);


class Item extends Eloquent {
    public function category() {
        return $this->belongsTo("Category");

    public function getCatTreeAttribute() {
        $category = $this->category;
        if(!$category) return "";
        $tree = array($category->name);
        $parent = $category->parent;
        while($parent) {
            $tree[] = $parent->name;
            $parent = $parent->parent;
        return implode(" > ", array_reverse($tree));


class Category extends Eloquent {

    public function getParentAttribute() {
        return $this->belongsTo('Category','parent_id');

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I dont think it is too bad.

The test should never "break" - because if it does, that means your method broke first. That is the whole reason to have tests.

If you need to change your method, then write a new test first (i.e. Test Driven Development).

You might consider reading Jeffery Way eBook on testing with Laravel 4 - its worth every cent.

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I did read that book actually and I agree that it was good. Thanks for the feedback! –  jasonlfunk Aug 16 '13 at 15:20

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