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I need to write some SQL to find overlapping date ranges that take place in the same room. For example, I have fields room_num, start_time, and stop_time. Each record represents a session taking place in that room_num. I need to find if any sessions that have the same room number will overlap each other.

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Please see this link. It should point you in the right direction. In the future, please include some sample data/show that you have done some research before posting a question. –  Mike Abramczyk Aug 15 '13 at 23:01
This question cannot be answered in its current state –  Gayot Fow Aug 15 '13 at 23:16
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You can try something like this. Please note - I haven't tested it!

select e1.room_num, 
   e1.start_time, e1.stop_time
   e2.start_time, e2.stop_time 
from events e1, events e2
   (e1.start_time between e2.start_time and e2.end_time
    or e1.end_time between e2.start_time and e2.end_time)
   and e1.room_num = e2.room_num

If between doesn't work (could be Oracle specific), rewrite it as two separate >= and <= conditions.

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