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I'm trying to figure out the django translation system, so I wrote a little test app. I created the translation files and compiled them (*.po and *.mo), and now I'm trying to render a template in a different language. I change the LANGUAGE_CODE in my to the other language code, but the template still renders in English. No errors are given, just can't see the other language I'm trying out, even though I translated, compiled and all that. I have the db set up to support whatever's required. I also used the get_current_language in the template:

{% load i18n %}
{% get_current_language as LANGUAGE_CODE %}
{% get_available_languages as LANGUAGES %}
{% get_current_language_bidi as LANGUAGE_BIDI %}
the current language is {{ LANGUAGE_CODE }}

but I'm getting blank where the code should appear. What am I missing? thanks.

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This is probably one of two problems:

  1. Make sure you have django.core.context_processors.i18n in settings.TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS

  2. Make sure you pass RequestContext(request) as your context_instance if you are rendering your template using render_to_response

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You're right, I can now see the correct LANGUAGE_CODE in my template. However, the template still renders in English - how do I force it to render in the same language as LANGUAGE_CODE? I have all the translation files in place. – sa125 Dec 2 '09 at 7:04

You might have left the USE_I18N = False in your settings. see docs

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