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Basically I need Pinterest button with counts beside to it even if the count is zero. I have got facebook, google, twitter and linked in doing this why not Pinterest?

Following is the code I am using to render the Pinterest button, I have tried alot but may be I am missing something simple
The config I am using is data-pin-config='beside' data-pin-do='buttonPin'
script src='http:// assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js'

Sorry I had to get rid of html tags as it was playing and not showing in the question

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I don't think Pinterest ever shows zero you go from no number to the number one.

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By default Pinterest does not show zero counts but you can enable it with the attribute data-pin-zero:

<a href="..." data-pin-zero="true" data-pin-config="beside" data-pin-do="buttonPin">...</a>

Although I could not find anything about this on developers.pinterest.com, it can be found in their js-file on github.

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