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I am trying to create a debugging tool in which MATLAB m my iPod Touch) and next to the three plots it is also playing a movie (which i recorded), ultimately the goal is to be able to scrub through the movie and and data at the same time to see a correlation between the movie (which is a video of the actual accelerometer) and the values that the accelerometer records.

I am a beginner in MATLAB and i know this a is a big task, but just getting the video and data to play side by side in a figure (and potentially get a vertical line that sweeps across the data plot whilst the movie plays) would be a huge start.

I assume i am going to have to use the animation functions extensively but i don't know where to start.

EDIT: By followng some tutorials i have gotten an avi to play through a figure, but i am extremely lost on how to get the graph to be show under it and making a line that glides over the data plot whilst the movie plays.

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