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I have created a control and added a TextBox inside that control, I am attaching that control to a .aspx page via

<%@ Register Src="../UserControls/AccountSearchControl.ascx" TagName="SearchControl"
TagPrefix="csr" %>


<csr:SearchControl ID="AccountSearchControlBox" runat="server"  OnSearchButtonClick="RetreiveAccounts" />

On .aspx.cs file I want to access the value of the TextBox inside the user control ... how to achieve that ?

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Add a Public Property in AccountSearchControl.ascx

public string TextBoxText {
    get {
        return TextBox1.Text;
    set {
        TextBox1.Text = value;

By default all of the Controls you place on the page have a protected visibility (Take a look at AccountSearchControl.ascx.designed.cs to see). So you need to expose a method for your page to access the Textbox.

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you want something like this on your usercontrol

public string textBoxValue
    get { return this.myTextBoxId.Text; }
    set { this.myTextBoxId.Text = value; }
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Here is a way to access a textbox control inside an user control :

TextBox yourTextBox = (TextBox)AccountSearchControlBox.FindControl("your_textbox_ID");
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dirty webforms madness – Andrew Bullock Dec 1 '09 at 14:14
this one is not problem, but sometimes you need to access a control at parent.. that case is really annoying :) – Canavar Dec 1 '09 at 14:20

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