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I want to setup socket communication between Android Tablet and Android cellphone via USB. My Idea is using the " ADB foward " after the two devices connect each other viar usb otg. Or do you have any better ideas?

It seems that both two devices need to support OTG before they could see each other.

So my question is do I really need two android devices with otg support to do my job?

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I have once tried setup socket communication between my cellphone and emulators using the " ADB foward ". Maybe you can try this.

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thanks,do you mean use AndroVM link? but what if you want to connect two android devices not emulator? I found when the tablet with otg support connects with my pandaboard (also with otg support),they just don't recognize each other . i also tried to connect my XIAOMI 1S with Pandaboard, it output the voltage was two low. –  Ray Jay Aug 16 '13 at 5:42

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