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Actually I'm making an Universal app that will run both in iPhone and iPad.But I find it can not be recognized right in iPad, some time it displays as iPad mode, some time it displays as iPhone mode.In the simulator, usually it presents iPhone mode at the first time launch, then don't stop it, just run the app from xcode again, it presents iPad mode rightly .I couldn't find the reason.So I change the Device option in Summary from Universal to iPad only, but everything goes the same.I checked the Targeted Device Family option in Build Settings, the value of it is iPad. Everything looks right, but why comes that?

Addition: I write the UI by code with no Storyboard and nib, and use NSLayoutConstraint to make it layout automatically.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You mean that only sometimes it shows as iPad in the simulator ?

Click the bar and choose device If you just click the bar (next to the run/stop buttons), and choose device :)

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Sorry, what is wrong with this answer ? If I didn't understood your question correctly, could you please be more specific ? – lukecolli98 Sep 5 '13 at 18:01

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