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i have this

class Inicio < ActiveRecord::Base
     has_many :bannerhomes
class Bannerhome < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :inicio

and in activeAdmin have this

ActiveAdmin.register Inicio do
    sidebar "Project Details" do
      ul do
        li link_to("Bannerhome", admin_inicio_bannerhomes_path(Inicio))
          #it dont work with Inicio and inicio, why dont work?
        #li link_to("Bannerhome", admin_inicio_bannerhomes_path(1))
          #when i pass 1 it works, but i want every Bannerinicio that belongs to Inicio with id=1

ActiveAdmin.register Bannerhome do
    belongs_to :inicio    

i have one Inicio with id=1, and 4 Bannerhome with id=1,2,3 and 4 and each one have inicio_id=1

i'm follow this doc

Thank you.

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I have the same issue, it seems the document lack something. add :only => :show, so the sidebar present only in show action, in which inicio is available

sidebar "Project Details", :only => :show do
  ul do
    li link_to("Bannerhome", admin_inicio_bannerhomes_path(inicio))
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