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I'm trying to load a pdf document that contains text and images, then I want to view selected contents from this document ( will apply regex later). So far this is my progress, it is not much but I'm getting an error (Message: Can not open 'desktop\test.pdf' file for reading.), please help.

<?php   $filename = 'desktop\test.pdf';

$pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($filename);      

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just try with below one of them will sure work for you

Method 1: Get the binary string outside of Zend_Pdf

$file = file_get_contents('path/to/file.pdf')
$pdf = new Zend_Pdf($file);

Method 2: Set the $load parameter true

$pdf = new Zend_Pdf('path/to/file.pdf', null, true);

Method 3: Use the static load-method

$pdf = Zend_Pdf::load('path/to/file.pdf');

try to give correct path every time might be absulute path will work or relative may be.

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I tried all these methods, nothing is working, getting the same error message again. Could it be my file path? I'm using windows. – user2045298 Aug 17 '13 at 0:32
yes that is your file path. – liyakat Aug 17 '13 at 3:49

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