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How should I structure directories in mvc design pattern in PHP so that I could be able to use the same model and controllers in 'backend' and 'frontend' with different views.


I am trying to build a website using PHP as server side language and dediced to use MVC design pattern. In my localhost (xampp) I created folder structure like below:

htdocs -- mvc 
           |---- controllers
           |---- models
           |---- views
           |---- library
           |---- system-admin (backend)
               |___ controllers
               |___ models
               |___ views
               |___ index.php (single entry point - backend)
               |___ .htaccess
           |---- index.php (single entry point - frontend)
           |---- .htaccess

I tried to implement basic 'login-system' and created 'Login_Controller' and 'Login_Model' Files.


How can I be able to use 'Login_Controller' and 'Login_Model' from both backend and frontend while using seperate views for each. What do I mean is , the url for admins to login will be : http://localhost/mvc/system-admin/login/ and the url for site users to login will be : http://localhost/mvc/login/.

I am designing the backend using twitter-bootstrap framework but the design of frontend will be done by some other who may not use the framework that I have used so I need different views. Both backend and frontend will share the files from library. Some Models and Controllers are also shared (such as Login_Model and Login_Controller) and some are not (such as Dashboard_Model and Dashboard_Contoller will be used only in backend I think) .


I need some guid on structuring my directories and judgement on my current file structure. I have never used any design pattern (except singleton :-) ) nor any PHP frameworks so I am not able to make any decision on how to structure files.

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controllers/admin , controllers/users . Then you can put something in your library to check the role of the user then redirect on the corresponding controller. For scripts and css you can put it in mvc/assets – Drixson Oseña Aug 16 '13 at 6:49
Backend and frontend are separated modules so they should have separated controllers, views, etc. folders. But you can have common models and libraries. – Elon Than Aug 16 '13 at 6:59
How can I check the role before login. If someone is registerd as admin then he will go to http://localhost/system-admin/login and others will go to http://localhost/login for login. My task is to show different login pages (views) using the same controller (Login_Controller). and how? – Lekhnath Aug 16 '13 at 7:00
Thankyou for your comment , I will try with multiple controllers as you both suggested, thanks. – Lekhnath Aug 16 '13 at 7:12
Here's a hint: don't put in the DOCUMENT_ROOT files that you do not expect users to open. Most of your application should be located outside DOCUMENT_ROOT. Also, model is not a class. Model is a layer. – tereško Aug 16 '13 at 7:49

for general i would set up your MVC Project the following: Folder Structure /frontend/controllers /frontend/models/ /frontend/views/ /backend/[The same as Frontend] /public/ with Index.php (here the User starts) /libary/ for your Libarys With this structure the User can not access directly the views oder models.

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