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On a server I have to take care of, errors from a vhost do not go to the standard PHP error log.

In the php.ini we have

log = /var/log/file 

and phpinfo() does not show any difference between the vhost and the whole server.

But the callback function set up by set_error_handler() catches errors which are not in the php log.

error_reporting is set to E_ALL once and never modified.

Could you help me to find a way to explore what's happening here?

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Perhaps the errors that aren't logged aren't supposed to be logged? The error reporting settings have no effect when set_error_handler is used, hence you see more errors than are in the logfile.

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I would take a look at error_log, log_error and error_reporting directive in php.ini and also take a look in the httpd.conf because directives can also be added there using "php_admin_value" and others.

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