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I am trying to commit some classes and XML files to SVN but I keep getting this error message:

svn: E200007: Commit failed (details follow): svn: E200007: CHECKOUT can only be performed on a version resource [at this time]. svn: E175002: CHECKOUT request failed on '/svn/SriLankaLottery-app/!svn/rvr/31/trunk/DealsDirect/src/com/elottery/Login.java'

I also tried to update the code and then commit, but it still does not work.

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Have a clean up and see, normally it works.

right click on the project -> team -> cleanup / refresh

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yeah it worked. Thanks Maheel..I guess some old svn files prevented my files being checked in. –  TharakaNirmana Aug 16 '13 at 8:49

Ran into the same error in Netbeans, similar solution Right click project - > Subversion - > clean up working copy

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I got the same issue and I fixed it by checking out the project using NetBeans.

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