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I need to build an html5/javascript 3d application, and each scene i have to render a lot of objects (about 200-300 complex objects or more) without lagging, so please tell me which render technology i should choose, HTML5 Canvas, SVG or WebGL.

I heard that using Canvas combine with SVG will deal better performance, but how complex to convert it to 3d environment, have any javascript engine support Canvas in SVG? Or i should choose three.js for Canvas and WebGL.

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HTML5 / Canvas / SVG are good for static images, but not for a 3D application that allow movement. I have tried some months ago to implement a stellar map with HTML5 and also tried with SVG, but all movement (to scroll the map or see another zone) are slow. Different browsers has also a huge impact: for example moving a big image or moving 100 objects has a very different result in efficiency in Chrome and Firefox.

WebGl is a simplification of OpenGL for web, which use the graphic cards like a game and allow very complex 3D application. As an example, Command and conquer online, or http://www.unrealengine.com/html5/ use webGL. The problem of webGL is that it requires a compatible browser, and for example IE does not support it.

If your application does not require to be very browser-compatible, i recommend you webGL, which allow true-3D, SVG/html5 does not allow it and Canvas is only a frame, it does not implement anything (you still require webgl or something else)

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