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Could you help me understand why this code doesn't work?

    public static View.OnTouchListener getListener(View view) throws ClassNotFoundException, NoSuchFieldException, IllegalAccessException{
        Field listenerInfoField = null;
        View.OnTouchListener myListener = null;
        listenerInfoField = Class.forName("android.view.View").getDeclaredField("mListenerInfo");
        if (listenerInfoField != null) {
        Object myLiObject = null;
        myLiObject = listenerInfoField.get(view);

        if (myLiObject !=null)
        DevLog.d("LOOKING FOR LISTENER ", myLiObject.getClass().getSimpleName());

        Field listenerField = null;
        listenerField = Class.forName("android.view.View$ListenerInfo").getDeclaredField("mOnTouchistener");
        if (listenerField != null && myLiObject != null) {
            myListener = (View.OnTouchListener) listenerField.get(myLiObject);
            DevLog.d("FOUND LISTENER ");
            DevLog.d(" LISTENER IS NULL");
        return myListener;

Android is 4.2.2, so there is static nested class ListenerInfo

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