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I have just had a user report a crash in our Delphi program reporting I/O Error 1398.

Doing a quick google is only finding a translation for this code as Time skew between client and server. It should only be writing to a file (possibly over a network) using the old-school WriteLn methods, so surely this can't be the real message (there seems to be some mixing of I/O and System error codes in some websites, so without further information I'm guessing this is system).

If the Time Skew message is correct then does anyone have any idea what's causing it? only refers to a product known as SuperScout and appears to be for older versions of Windows.

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Put madExcept in your process and get some diagnostics to work out what is raising the error. As it stands you have no actionable information. You need to do some debugging. – David Heffernan Aug 16 '13 at 9:20
The sad thing is that we have madexcept, but the previous dev had a habit of eating exceptions and spitting out a bland dialog box. This was one of the (many) locations where this hadn't been taken out yet. Customer site is going to try the process again, but have a feeling this may be an issue with their server so may not be repeatable – Matt Allwood Aug 19 '13 at 8:12

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