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Consider this piece of code:

our $classwork = 0;
while( <INFILE> )
    next if $. == 1;
    if( $year >= 1992 && $year <= 1995 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[6];
        print "Classwork is: ", $classwork, "\n";
    if( $year >= 1996 && $year <= 2001 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[-1];
    print "Classwork is: ", $classwork, "\n";
    if( $year == 2002 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[-2];
    if( $year == 2003 || $year == 2004 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[23];
    if( $year >= 2005 && $year <= 2009 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[22];
    if( $year >= 2010 && $year <= 2012 )
        $classwork = (split( /,/ ))[20];
    print "Classwork is: ", $classwork, "\n";
    $line = <STDIN>;

The last print statement does not want to print the variable. Even if I declare it as 'our' or just comment the declaration out. What's more weird is that it happens only on the first iteration. The file has couple of thousand records and on the first iteration only the variable is undefined. All subsequent calls are good.

Any idea what is going on?

Thank you.

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what is $year here? is this full text of yours script? – Suic Aug 16 '13 at 9:46
There is probably a line where there is not enough fields. – choroba Aug 16 '13 at 9:49
and i'm realy confused why you need to declare global variable here – Suic Aug 16 '13 at 9:50

You haven't provided enough information for us to replicate the problem for ourselves, but the most likely case is that the first line of the file does not contain properly-formatted data for whatever $year you're dealing with. Perhaps the first line is a header?

Another possibility is that $year may not be set on the first pass through the while loop, so you never enter any of the if blocks which set $classwork and then it gets set at a later point in the loop. Since you don't show where or how $year is set, we can't say whether this could be the issue or not.

To get the best possible answers, it's generally best to provide complete, runnable example code which demonstrates your issue with as little additional code as possible. (In my experience, such examples are usually no more than 15-20 lines.) Another benefit of doing this is that you will often discover the problem for yourself while in the process of finding the smallest possible program which demonstrates it.

Also, there is no evident reason why $classwork needs to be global. Changing our to my in its current declaration should not affect any of the code you've shown and I would definitely consider moving my $classwork to be inside the while loop, unless there's some intended condition under which it shouldn't be reassigned on every pass and should instead retain its value from one iteration to the next.

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