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I am following the article Custom error pages in Apache for JBoss AS7 to configure apache to override HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. I am facing below problem, any guess what's the issue?

In #2 in the above linked article

# (4) Setting error code 404 for "MyApp" application
JkMount /MyApp/* nodeA;use_server_errors=404

In windows env it works where it points to jboss directly
JkMount /MyApp/* jboss7;use_server_errors=500

But in linux where it points to load balancer
JkMount /MyApp/* loadbalancer2;use_server_errors=500

This gives me error:
jk_handler::mod_jk.c (2372): Could not find a worker for worker name=loadbalancer2;use_server_errors=500

Windows apache version is 2.2.17, linux apache version is 2.5.1.

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I found out the problem, it is due to the older version of mod_jk. The flag 'use_server_errors' was introduced in mod_jk 1.2.27. In my case linux Apache 2.5.1 has mod_jk 1.2.26 that's why it reads 'loadbalancer2;use_server_errors=500' as a whole. It works in windows because there Apache 2.2.17 has mod_jk 1.2.28 which knows to separate the flag from worker name.

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