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Hy, I have a childe view that put it self over other brother views. The problem is that when i touch it the brother also reacts at the touch event. How can I disable touch propagation on the underlieng brother views?

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In theory if you overlap the tab bar with a view with exclusiveTouch = YES, it should not respond to this touch, too.

Try setting exclusiveTouch = YES and, maybe, add the overlay view as a subview of tabBarController.view (and bring it to front).

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Please provide some code to get a better answer.

I assume that your views react on the same selector. Look at InterfaceBuilder to the Connections Inspector which action reacts on which event. If this fails you can stop a view of reacting on user interaction with:

UIView userInteractionEnabled
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Thanks for replaying. The real code is a little complicated but I will try to explain. I have a child UIView that shows it self over the entire screen, overflowing a UITabBar. But the TabBar reacts at the tap event even you can't see it. It is a little tricky to go back in the UIVIew hierarchy and tell to disable the TabBar User Interaction Enabled. I wandered if it's possible to say to the child view to block propagation to underlying views. – Luca Dec 2 '09 at 18:44

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