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I'm currently installing a Comodo certificate from Cheapssls.com. Im getting the following error:

SSL Library Error: 185073780 error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch

Im 100% sure the privatekey and the CSR are from the same generation

Im using the follinwg syntax:

    SSLEngine on
    SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/apache/conf/x-x-nl-new.key
    SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/apache/conf/x_x_nl.crt
    SSLCertificateChainFile /usr/local/apache/conf/x_x_nl.ca-bundle

which is correct im my opinion.

Anyone suggestions?

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Are your key on PEM format ?

It's needed by apache : https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_ssl.html#SSLCertificateKeyFile

PEM is a Base64 encoded certificate, enclosed between "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----".

You can check it with a simple file editor


You can also check that the modulus are the OK for that make a diff between Cert modulus and KEY modulus with this command.

# Change KEY and CERT by your file name
diff <(openssl rsa -in KEY -modulus -noout) <(openssl x509 -in CERT -modulus -noout)

You shouldn't have any out put, If you have some, the key and the certificate don't match.

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-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- MIIEpAIB ........ nyUftgj26gSQ== -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- Thats my certificate, so yeh i think its base64 encoded... –  Benjamin de Bos Aug 16 '13 at 12:36
I also used the comodo: support.comodo.com/… generation method and installation method: support.comodo.com/… –  Benjamin de Bos Aug 16 '13 at 12:39
root@******:/usr/local/apache/conf# diff <(openssl rsa -in **-**-nl.key -modulus -noout) <(openssl x509 -in **_****_nl.crt -modulus -noout) root@***:/usr/local/apache/conf# No output...so weird, looks like apache doesn't want to read it..? –  Benjamin de Bos Aug 16 '13 at 13:04
Apache open it because you have an error :) I should do some more test before to propose you some thing else. Maybe could you try with home made (self signed) cert just for testing purpose ? –  Stéphane Diacquenod Aug 16 '13 at 13:51
The problem is that the Apache is currently running another VHost with an SSL certificate from Thawte. That is working flawlessly so there ain't a problem with mod ssl or anything. If i apply the Thawte certificate (which is false because of a different domain) to that vhost its working perfect –  Benjamin de Bos Aug 16 '13 at 14:58
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