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I am struggling with the MVC syntax for setting up the image src with the below code. I use Webform view engine and following the syntax

<img src="<%: Url.Action("LoadPhoto", "EmployeeProfile", 
                                     new { empno = "<%: ViewBag.EmpNo%>"}) %>" />

getting this error Newline in constant

How to embed this ViewBag value as a route parameter for Action?

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As you are already in code, the following should work:

<img src="<%: Url.Action("LoadPhoto", "EmployeeProfile",
                         new { empno = ViewBag.EmpNo }) %>" />

(I'm reasonably sure the newline mentioned in the error isn't the one between "EmployeeProfile", and new { ... }.)

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ViewBag is not supported by MVC 2. You should use ViewData instead like this:

<img src="<%: Url.Action("LoadPhoto", "EmployeeProfile",
                         new { empno = ViewData["EmpNo"] }) %>" />
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