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I am developing program in PHP. Now i want to pass the whole string with '&' character using $_GET. But I'm facing some problem like it cuts the string from character '&' i have use code as below

$customer="Mahindra & Mahindra PVT.LTD."
<a href="main.php?cust=". $customer."">Procceed</a>

and in second page use code: new veriable is declared and then passes url veriable in it and print variable.

echo $c;

its output is "Hahindra", but I want to get whole string.

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urlencode function might help you – Royal Bg Aug 16 '13 at 11:28
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<?php $customer="Mahindra & Mahindra PVT.LTD.";
echo '<a href="main.php?cust="'.urlencode($customer).'">Procceed</a>'; ?>
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