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I am currently trying to develop a simple plugin for visual studio 2008 using c#.

I feel kind of stupid to ask, but after searching the doc for a few hours I can't find a way for a really simple task: Assume this open solution. I simply want a list of the documents open in the TABs on the right. I tried something, see below...

alt text

This approach is not working:

alt text

And the result is rather strange:

alt text

Any tips on how to list the active documents?



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Can't answer your specific question, but can make a couple of comments/suggestions:

  • The DTE object model is ugly, ugly, ugly - you're not the only person who's struggled with it (ask me how I know).

  • Ask your question on the Visual Studio Extensibility Forum - they can probably help.

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Thanks, after looking around in the forum a little bit, I chose a different approach. Only need it for some little helper plugin for me, so I simply use DxCore... –  Christian Dec 1 '09 at 21:22
Either DxCore was not available last year when I had my brief and unhappy exposure to the DTE, or I somehow missed it. Looks promising... –  Tom Bushell Dec 2 '09 at 21:05
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I just found a way around the ugly DTE. Its simply not using it :-) At least not directly. I found DxCore, which is free (at least for personal use, I guess) and does the job quite nicely.

To get what I wanted, I simply needed this code (which was what I was hoping in VS for, but there it kind of behave different)...

alt text

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