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I'm looking for the available plugins that allow for syntax highlighting of the IDL language in Eclipse.

After sifting through the StackExchange network and some Googling, the only thing I could find was the EclipseCORBA plugin.

When opening a file with the IDL editor provided by this plugin in Eclipse, I do get the syntax highlighting I was looking for; however, it detects many "errors" which are not valid, and creates those annoying little red X's that no developer wants to see in their project.

In my case, the reason I want IDL syntax highlighting is to pick up on errors in my Avro files. Since the EclipseCORBA plugin is of course CORBA related and has not been updated in 5 years, it does not recognize some of the features allowed for in Avro-IDL such as annotations.

I'm wondering, are there other developers out there using Avro in Eclipse? How are you dealing with syntax highlighting for your Avro IDL?

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