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I have a file containing text in separate lines.


I have a directory with many files. I want to grep for each line in the of this specific directory. What is an easy way to do this?

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There is no need to loop, you can do use grep with the -f option to get patterns from a file:

grep -f pattern_file files*

From man grep:

-f FILE, --file=FILE

Obtain patterns from FILE, one per line. The empty file contains zero patterns, and therefore matches nothing. (-f is specified by POSIX.)


$ cat a1
how are you?

$ cat a2

$ cat pattern

$ grep -f pattern a*
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Of course, * may match directories as well, and then you'll get spammed with a bunch of grep: a_directory: Is a directory messages. –  kojiro Aug 16 '13 at 18:20
@kojiro note that my solution does not contain * alone, but files*. However, for the case you comment an alternative could be to do find . -type f -maxdepth 0 -exec grep -f pattern_file {} \; –  fedorqui Aug 16 '13 at 23:14
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You can use standard bash loop for this as well :

for i in text*; do grep "pattern" $i; done

or even better option without loop :

grep "pattern" text*

If you press tab after the * then shell will expand it to the files that satisfy the condition.

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