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Heh, the title must sound dreadful and noobish

Anyway, I'm working on a simple web game that's basically a labyrinth. To make a map I have to manually write coordinates of walls, and I thought it'd speed up the development process greatly if I'd make a map editor. The first thing that came to my mind was python's tkinter generating a grid of combo boxes.

The grid is generated fine, but I have problems with exporting the "map". I think each combobox has to have an unique text variable and a way to check it's coordinates. I thought I'd solve both problems if I'd set the variable's name to its coordinates, but I don't think it's working and I don't know how to access the values later on. Here's the important bit of the code (sorry for not showing everything right away, but StackOverflow's formatting is horrible when posting python):

def scale(self, *args, **kwargs):
    while name[0]<=(self.width.get() - 1) and name[1]<=self.height.get():
        n=(str(name[0]) + ',' + str(name[1]))
        o={'name': n}
        self.n=ttk.Combobox(self, textvariable=o['name'], values=('F', 'W', 'V', 'S'), width=1, state='readonly')
        self.n.grid(column=name[0], row=(name[1] + 1))
        print self.o['name'].get()
        if name[0]==(self.width.get() - 1) and name[1]<self.height.get():

The code above gives me the App instance has no attribute 'o'... what can I do about it? Can it even be done?


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It's usually helpful to post the full exception trace so it's easy to find the problem. – Brionius Aug 16 '13 at 13:48

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It appears that when you write self.o['name'], self (which I assume is the instance of App in question) has not been given an o attribute.

I suspect that the line before that, where you write o={'name': n}, you really mean to write self.o={'name': n}, which would fix that immediate problem.

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