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I have a hierarchical org structure like this:


I want a cypher query that gives me the top org given any of the node ids:

topOrg(3) = OrgNode(1)
topOrg(2) = OrgNode(1)
topOrg(1) = OrgNode(1)

I'm able to write the query to return the top org when the starting node has at least one parent. But I cannot figure out how to return starting node when there is no parent link in the same query:

start n=node(3)
match (n)-[:PARENT*]->(m)-[r?:PARENT]->()
WHERE r is null
return m
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You might use the UNION operator to combine your result with the result of another query that handles a starting node without a parent,

start n=node(3)
match (n)-[:PARENT*]->(m)-[r?:PARENT]->()
WHERE r is null
return m as result
Start n=node(3)
Match n 
Where not(n-[:PARENT]-())
Return n as result
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