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Isotope won't start when I load my page.

I have tried to use isotope (from with filtering buttons.

Here is my code of HTML and JS:

<div class="scroll-pane">   
    <div id="container" class="isotope">
         <div class="isotope-item box-item size1 group1"> 
             <img width="190" height="130" src="..." class="wp-post-image" />
             <a href="..." class="projDescription">Some text here</a>
         <div class="isotope-item box-item size1 group1 group2"> ... </div> 
         <div class="isotope-item box-item size3 group1"> ... </div>    

<ul id="filters">
    <li><a href="#" data-filter="*" class="selected">Show all</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" data-filter=".group1">Kategorija1</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" data-filter=".group2">Kategorija2</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" data-filter=".group3">Kategorija3</a></li>


      layoutMode: 'masonryHorizontal',
        masonryHorizontal: {
            rowHeight: 132
    jQuery("ul#filters li a").click(function() {
      jQuery("ul#filters li a").not(this).removeClass("selected");


    jQuery('#filters a').click(function(){
      var selector = jQuery(this).attr('data-filter');
        filter: selector 
      return false;

The problem is that when page loads first time then isotope is not working, nothing happens with images. If I press any of filter buttons (Show All or any other) then it works.

I cannot reproduce this problem withing JsFiddle. THe only way to see this it online -

Website loads without isotope functioning, but after pressing "Show All" it reorders images as expected.

Just a note - I am using Wordpress to create this page, but I do not use any plugin for isotope, instead I am including it directly.

I believe that this could be something with script and image loading order, but I could not resolve this problem.

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From what I see there is no element with id of isotope_content which you feed to isotope at initialization. There is however a div content which you use in your filters click handlers -- and it works. So change isotope_content to content and it should work.

BTW. load is a deprecated jQuery method as of ( 1.8 ). If you'd be having image problems you can also look into isotope author's other plugin called imagesLoaded (it should be bundled with isotope anyway).

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