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I recently installed the "VisualVM Launcher" into my Eclipse IDE. After using that launcher to help profile some problems in my application, I tried to switch all of my configurations back to using the previous setup. However, whenever I launch my unit tests using "Coverage As -> JUnit Plug-in Test", it still seems to try to use the VisualVM launcher.

I don't see a place on the "Coverage Configurations" to specify which launcher to use. If I navigate to the preference page for default launchers ("Run/Debug -> Launching -> Default Launchers"), the [Debug] and [Run] modes under "JUnit Plug-in Test" are both set to use "JUnit Plugin Test Launcher".

Is there some other place where I can set the launcher for running "JUnit Plug-in Tests" under the test coverage tool (EclEmma)?

Version of Eclipse: Juno Service Release 1

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