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I'm creating a little web app in flask using django and jinja2. I have a python script running on some servers that generate html post requests, which then update a mongodb with some info. These then show up on a dashboard. Easy, i have that working. However, i would like to include a button on the dashboard to remove them once i've addressed the issue for that server

in python i know I use

from flask import request
requests.post('http://<myserver>/api", data=some_event_data)

To remove the server I know in python i can use

from flask import request
requests.delete('http://<myserver>:5000/api", data=server_name)

to remove the server and drop it from the database.

...can i have an HTML button do the same thing? I've tried a number of different things but the button always wants to submit and open http://:5000/api but that's just an interface listening for data either with a post or delete method.

Any help would be great

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method="DELETE" -- see also – Brian Cain Aug 16 '13 at 15:15
i've tried method="delete" action="http://<myserver>:5000/api" but it attempts to open the page, and not just send the request. – 1971hemicuda Aug 16 '13 at 16:03

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