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some facebook applications post updates to the registered users wall. How is this possible? I am using PHP SDK and i am not able to post to a user when he is logged. care-24-7.com/Test/ my domain i m using php sdk this my code

$user = $facebook->getUser();
if ($user) {
  try {
    $user_profile = $facebook->api('/me');
        $fbid = $user_profile['id'];                 // To Get Facebook ID
        $fbuname = $user_profile['username'];  // To Get Facebook Username
        $fbfullname = $user_profile['name']; // To Get Facebook full name
          $femail = $user_profile['email'];    // To Get Facebook email ID
    //       checkuser($fbid,$fbuname,$fbfullname,$femail);    // To update local DB
  } catch (FacebookApiException $e) {
   $user = null;
if ($user) {
  $logoutUrl = $facebook->getLogoutUrl(array(
         'next' => 'http://www.care-24-7.com/Test/logout.php',  // Logout URL full path
 else {
 $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array(
        'scope'     => 'email', // Permissions to request from the user

My index.php

">Logout ">Post To wall
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