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Hello developers around the world :) Today I have a question about the NSOutlineView customisation, the environment is: -OS X 10.7+ - an Outline view with subclassed NSTextFieldCell

the problem: I want customise the colour end the gradient for the cell selection, my first approach was override the method

-(NSColor *)highlightColorWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView *)controlView

in the NSTextFieldCell subclass, but the result is this:

enter image description here

The gradient selection still remain blu and the label background become to the returned colour. How to change the entire cell selection colour (with the gradient?)


After subclassing the NSOutlineView and override the method:

- (void)highlightSelectionInClipRect:(NSRect)clipRect
        NSRange        aVisibleRowIndexes  = [self rowsInRect:clipRect];
        NSIndexSet *    aSelectedRowIndexes = [self selectedRowIndexes];
        NSUInteger aRow = aVisibleRowIndexes.location;
        NSUInteger anEndRow = aRow + aVisibleRowIndexes.length;

        NSColor *aColor = MW_MENU_SELECTED_CELL_GB;

        [aColor set];

        // draw highlight for the visible, selected rows
        for (aRow; aRow < anEndRow; aRow++)
            if([aSelectedRowIndexes containsIndex:aRow])
                NSRect aRowRect = NSInsetRect([self rectOfRow:aRow], 2, 1);

Now I have the right behaviour, but without gradient, how to add the gradient (or a background image to the cell?)

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I had no luck overriding highlightSelectionInClipRect:. Instead I overrode drawRow:clipRect:. Something like this:

- (void)drawRow:(NSInteger)rowIndex clipRect:(NSRect)clipRect
    if ([self isRowSelected: rowIndex])
        [self fillWithHighlightColor: [self rectOfRow: rowIndex]];
    [super drawRow: rowIndex clipRect: clipRect];

where fillWithHighlightColor: is my own code.

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