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I have a div on which I listen for swipe events using jQuery mobile.

I was wondering how I could get the div to follow and move with the finger from the time that the swipe starts until the time that the swipe ends?

Almost like draggable only while the swipe is happening.

Although I would prefer to not use jQuery UI.

How can I do this properly and in the best way possible?

My method of doing this was on mouse down, set the offset of the div to the x location of the mouse. But that fires every pixel and seem inefficient. Also it happens on mouse-down, not on swipe.

Here is my code that listens for the swipe, in this case swipe right:

$('#main').on('swiperight', '.dataCard', function(event){
    // what happens on swipe here

Now, how can I get .dataCard to follow the finger as it swipes until the finger is picked up?

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I would imagine the .dataCard elemnt would need some sort of absolute positioning in the container. Does the "event" object have an x, y coordinate? if so then change the top and left of the .dataCard element to be those x/y values. – revlayle Aug 16 '13 at 16:38
@revlayle No, it is position:relative;. How do I get the event's x / y coordinates? How do I check if the event has coordinates? And where do I put this-- inside, where // what happens on swipe here is? – Django Johnson Aug 16 '13 at 19:40

Well, you can inspect the event in a breaking in a debugger. Also, you cannot change positions of a "relative" element, it will always be in document flow position (hence why I asked if you had made the element absolute).

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